The Midtown Community School Initiative is a grassroots organization working to ensure quality school options for families in the Midtown neighborhoods of Kansas City, Missouri.

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Latest News

January 2015

Today we’re excited to announce that Citizens of the World, our charter school partner, has received a total of $2.65 million in funding to open two new elementary schools in Kansas City.

Since Midtown Community School Initiative’s (MCSI) first community meeting in summer 2013, it’s been clear that our community was ready to work together to improve education options in Kansas City. For too long, we watched friends and neighbors move out of the city in search of better schools. We believed that if our community joined together, we could increase the number of high-quality schools in our neighborhoods -- which would have ripple effects for our city's economic development, neighborhood stability, and community growth.

Because of our community's shared vision and collective action, we're thrilled to say that there will be two new high-quality schools serving our neighborhoods in 2016. This funding commitment is a significant step toward making our goal a reality.

What began as living room meetings with neighbors led to an innovative RFP seeking high-quality school operators. This initiative has become a first-in-its-kind partnership between parents and community members (MCSI), a charter school network (Citizens of the World), and community funding partners (Kauffman Foundation, Hall Family Foundation and Walton Family Foundation).

Citizens of the World (CWC Schools), which focuses on serving economically and racially diverse student populations that reflect the demographics of their communities, aims to open two K-1 elementary schools in August 2016, and add a grade each year. They intend to be operating four schools, including elementary, middle and high schools, at full capacity of 1,650 students by the 2027-28 school year in the area bounded by State Line to the west, Prospect to the east, Union Station to the north and Brush Creek to the south.

“We are proud to partner with so many parents who have taken the initiative to give even more families high-quality public school options and now with foundations who are giving back to strengthen communities,” said Kriste Dragon, co-founder and CEO of Citizens of the World.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to provide Kansas City with a school model that reflects the inclusiveness and diversity as well as academic rigor parents value, helping students realize their full potential and become true citizens of the world.”

The Kansas City-based Kauffman and Hall Family Foundations contributed $1 million and $650,000, respectively. The Walton Family Foundation contributed $1 million. The total $2.65 million funding will be used to ensure a successful launch of the first Citizen elementary schools in the 2016-2017 school year.

Today’s announcement is a testament to the fact that when the power of community and parents is bolstered by the generous support of foundations, we can fuel change in our neighborhoods and city at large. This collaboration with schools and foundations that value community, excellence, and diversity, is great news for Kansas City and for the many families who call Midtown home.

In the coming months, MCSI and CWC Schools will continue to share updates about our progress. Additionally, CWC Schools and their Community Advocates Committee will be hosting small group meetings to ensure the community has an opportunity to learn more about CWC Schools' model and charter application and approval process. If you are interested in getting involved, or would like to attend or host a meeting, please contact Andrea Arroyo, New Site Development and Community Engagement Director for CWC Schools, at

Thank you for helping to make this exciting announcement possible! As always, we look forward to working together to launch these schools, and improve educations options in our community through expanded efforts.

August 2014

We want to share some exciting news with you regarding Citizens of the World Charter Schools and Kansas City.

After completing their due diligence process, and continued discussions with the Midtown Community School Initiative and other community leaders and parents, Citizens of the World Charter Schools has approved plans to open two schools in Midtown Kansas City, as soon as 2016.

Citizens of the World was chosen for its focus on academic excellence and commitment to diversity, both critical pieces to keeping families with young children in Midtown. We're excited for what this means for the future of our neighborhoods and our city.

In the coming months we will be forming a Community Advocates Committee and hosting small group family meetings to ensure the community has an opportunity to lean more about our model and charter application and approval process. If you are interested in getting involved or would like to attend or host a meeting, please let us know.

Have a great day and be sure to check our CWC website or the MCSI Facebook page for additional updates.

March 2014

On behalf of the Midtown Community School Initiative, we want to thank you for your patience and support as we work together to increase quality education options for Midtown. We have exciting news!

As you know, we issued an RFP last fall soliciting school partners with the capacity and willingness to run a high-quality elementary school serving families in Midtown. Because of your enthusiasm and support, we received three responses from organizations who all expressed how impressed they were by our community's willingness to work together to improve school options. Many told us that this level of support and engagement from parents and neighbors is unprecedented!

We spent several months thoroughly evaluating each of the three responses. We researched best practices, spent countless hours pouring over response documents, and met extensively with each respondent. Through it all, we kept you - our community - at the forefront of our minds.

And now... We're excited to recommend that the Midtown Community School Initiative partner with the successful national charter school organization Citizens of the World Charter Schools.

When we first reviewed the 200-page proposal that Citizens of the World submitted in response to our RFP, we were blown away by how closely their values and curriculum align with our goals. From the creation of diverse learning environments, to a commitment to the local community, to a focus on student achievement, Citizens of the World is an education partner that Midtown can be proud of.

In their own words: "The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to create a national network of high-achieving, community-based public schools that reflect the abundant socioeconomic, racial and cultural diversity of their surroundings. Our schools exemplify an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each student’s abilities, confidence, and sense of responsibility for themselves and their community. In this spirit, we work conscientiously to build strong communities both within and outside the classroom."

Citizens of the World has accepted our invitation to partner. They will spend 2014 meeting with and learning from Kansas City families and organizations to evaluate the feasibility of a school launch here. Please look for emails from us including ways to interact with Citizens of the World and opportunities for increased involvement as we all work together to make this vision a reality. In the meantime, you can learn more about Citizens of the World through their websites: and

It is because of your support and interest that we were able to attract a national organization like Citizens of the World to Kansas City, and we'll need your continued support as we move forward. Together, we will increase quality school options for families living in Midtown.